Frequently Asked Questions

Does my pet travel on a special plane or do they travel on a commercial passenger flight?

Your pet will travel on a commercial airline in an area called the cargo hold.  The cargo hold is separate from the baggage area and is climate controlled and pressurized to the same conditions as passengers.  The lighting is dim providing visability to your pet but not bright lighting that restricts resting.

Who takes care of my pet before and during their flight?

Pets are kept with airline staff usually separate from other cargo to minimize stress. Pets get priority over other flight cargo; they are put on the flight last and taken off first and are treated like VIPs by the airlines.  During their flight no airline staff can access them. In case of long haul flights, during transit pets are checked by airline ground staff and their water bowls are refilled. They are not allowed to come out of their crates due to quarantine regulations. If any pet appears unwell they will be let out of their crates for vet access, this is only as a last resort.

Can my pet have food and water when they are travelling?

The travel crate is fitted with a water container and external funnel so that the pets water can be replenished to ensure your pet has water on the flight.  The water container is filled before the filght leaves and at any transit points.  There is no food allowed inside the travel container.  If you pet has a comfort stop it will be provided with food and water before continuing on its journey.

Can I sedate my pet?

We do not recommend sedating pets for travel.  Sedation can lead to dehydration and also disorientation if they wake up part way through the journey.  It can also be difficult for customs to assess the health of an animal after arrival if it has been sedated.

What can we put in our pet’s travel container?

You can put in a soft toy or blanket with a familiar scent as long as they don’t take up too much room, this will help your pet settle down whilst in transport. Airlines prohibit any sharp or metal items, pet food, bean bags etc.  Please avoid anything small which may be choked on and be aware that some Customs may remove and destroy them upon arrival to satisfy their quarantine requirements.

What size travel container will I require for my pet?

Your pet needs to be able to stand up, turn around and comfortably lie down in the travel container.  A travel container that provides a lot of extra space is not recommended by the airlines for your pet’s safety during turbulence.

How to size your pet

Length in cm = Nose to root of tail – tail excluded
Height in cm = Floor to top of head while standing
Width in cm = At the widest point

sizing your pet diagram

Once the measurements have been made please use the following formula to calculate the best possible option for your four legged friend.

Length = A + 1/2 of B
Width = C x 2 (Twice shoulder width)
Height = B + 1/2 of C

Can we send our pet with a collar and lead?

Yes you can, but we will remove them from your pet for it’s own safety whilst travelling and attach them to the outside of the travel container.  The airlines do not accept any responsibility if they are misplaced whilst travelling.